What is cold crack?

How cold crack affects your vinyl products

For those unfamiliar with the vinyl industry, cold crack isn’t what you think it is. But if you’re on the verge of investing in any type of vinyl product from us or anyone else, it’s something you NEED to know about.

You’re probably here because you’re doing your research. You may be brainstorming the type of material to use for a gift for new banking members, or what kind of material to use for your company’s new binder order. Regardless, if you’re thinking vinyl, you need to be in the know when it comes to cold crack.

So what exactly is it? We’re not going to dive too deep with scientific terms to confuse you. Simply put, cold crack is a term used when any type of vinyl product cracks due to cold temperatures.

Cold – and hot – crack can be used when talking about a number of different processes such as welding steel or manufacturing vinyl.  As opposed to welding steel, cold crack occurs when vinyl is exposed to extreme cold temperatures and is dropped.  Imagine taking a pane of glass and dropping it 5 feet in the air.  A frozen vinyl binder would do the same thing, breaking the vinyl seal and exposing the chipboard inside.  Not a good look for your new custom binder order!

With that being said, as a manufacturer located in North Central Iowa we take cold cracking very serious because, well, we have to. Depending on how cold it is outside, vinyl is susceptible to cracking. Certain vinyl is made to withstand certain temperatures; for example, when we get ready to ship your vinyl product there’s a certain temperature we won’t risk your product in. At the same time, if you need your product by a certain date we make you aware of the possibility of cold crack before it hits the truck.

At The Dimensional Group we have a number of vinyl products that could be affected. From binders to checkbook covers and more, we do our best to make sure they arrive to your doorstep looking as fresh and brand new as you expect it to.  We know cold crack exists, and now you do too.

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