Trade Showsand Print Materials

The Value of Trade Shows and Your Print Materials


Are trade shows in your plan for 2019 and beyond? We can help you prepare!


Regardless of your industry or the customer base that you serve, there is a good chance that you will be promoting your company at a seminar, trade show or perhaps a training class to your employees this year. The main goal of your events are to reflect your company’s professionalism, raise awareness of your brand and showcase exactly what your company can do.

If trade shows aren’t on your to-do list, maybe they should be; trade shows remain one of the best methods to get leads from new buyers and prospects and advertise your company. A few interesting statistics regarding trade show attendees: 92% come to see and learn about new products, 77% of executive decision makers found at least one new supplier at the last event they attended, and 87% of exhibitors rate trade shows as highly valuable to their promotions and marketing objectives.

Attending trade shows, or networking as some may refer to it as, are proven to be successful. And getting there is the easy part. The key to walking away with a positive ROI, however, starts with yourself and what you have to offer.

Selling yourself and brand comes first when meeting with new prospects. Then it drills down to the products you sell. How are you going to get your message across?

It’s 2019. The obvious answer to most people probably jumps to something digitally. However, your potential prospects are meeting with multiple people throughout the trade show. While getting their contact information is crucial, sending them away with a “I’ll follow up with you after the show” isn’t going to cut it. Neither is that automated email you just sent them, either.

People need a reason not to forget you over the number of people they just met over the course of a 1-3 day trade show. That means having tangible products such as brochures, gifts (save those for the prospects you feel really confident about), and promotional assets on hand can lead to a successful event. And don’t forget the business cards, too!

At the Dimensional Group, we can assist you with many of the items that you will need for promoting your company. Our quality printing, packaging and promotional products will bring your event materials to life. Have questions for how we can help you get started? Contact us today!