5 Super Bowl office party ideas for 2018

Can’t think of any Super Bowl office party ideas? We have you covered with five that’ll get everyone involved.

Super Bowl Sunday. It’s one of the biggest days of the year here in the United States; during last seasons overtime thriller between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons 11.3 million people tuned in. The year before there were 11.9 million viewers and in 2015 a record 114.4 million viewers.

One of the greatest things about the Super Bowl isn’t even the game itself. Casual fans – and those that don’t consider themselves fans at all – will gather around friends and family just to partake in the great food (50% of people surveyed said they’ll order food or beverages during the game) and watch the infamous commercials that’ll surely be talked about around the water cooler the next day.

Speaking of the water cooler, the Super Bowl has a large effect on the American workplace. How large? According to a study conducted by Office Pulse in 2017, the Monday following last year’s Super Bowl an expected 12% of male business professionals had already taken the day off; 5% were expected to show up late and another 1% had planned to call in sick. Of those workers that planned on coming to work the following day, 46% were most likely to talk about the commercials and just 38% would discuss the actual game at work. The remaining 16% would discuss the halftime show.

One way to accommodate as a business is to put together some Super Bowl office party ideas. Nothing that’ll hurt productivity but enough to have some fun with the biggest day in American sports.

Here are five Super Bowl office party ideas for this year’s big game:

1. Potluck

What better way to get your stomach ready for Super Bowl Sunday than to have a potluck at work on the week before. Have those in the office pool in and decide what to bring. Nachos, pulled pork sandwiches and a desert such as cake or cookies are always a solid choice. Just be respectful of those New Year resolutions.

2. Super Bowl Bingo

Are you watching the game with your coworkers? Chances are not everyone is a fan of football. Even bigger chance that not everyone’s favorite team is playing.

Keep everyone interested by implementing Super Bowl bingo. If you’ve ever played then you know how much fun it is. We here at The Dimensional Group even put together 25 different Super Bowl bingo cards that you can use! Each card is fun to follow and relevant to not just the Super Bowl but also what’s happening at your party, the commercials, and the fans in the stands.

Our very own custom Super Bowl bingo cards are available down below! You just have to print out and, if you so choose, laminate yourself.

3. Decorate

If you’re a fan of the television show “The Office” then you know how integral it is to decorate for a party. So get the PPC, or the “party planning committee”, together to decide on a budget and plan how to decorate.

4. “Not New Jersey” Contest

Good Morning Football, the very popular early morning show on NFL Network, has a segment called “Not New Jersey”. The purpose of it is to showcase three fan submitted photos of fans wearing throwback jerseys of players you might not remember, or might not remember playing for that specific team. Something like the picture of the “GMFB” crew below:

Have employees pick out there favorite jerseys at home and wear them to work. Pick the person wearing the most random, nostalgic jersey as the winner. Don’t forget to upload them to Twitter for your chance to make it on TV!

5. Super Bowl Squares

Want to put a few bucks on the line? Squares is a fun game to play, and you can win enough to buy yourself lunch for the week. For a step-by-step guide on how to play, Bleacher Report does a great way of explaining.

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Pick your closest 25 friends and/or coworkers and download these Super Bowl bingo cards to have some fun on Super Bowl Sunday!

Card 1      Card2      Card3      Card4      Card5

Card6      Card7      Card8      Card9      Card10

Card11      Card12      Card13      Card14      Card15

Card16      Card17      Card18      Card19      Card20

Card21      Card22      Card23      Card24      Card25