Glossary | Custom Packaging

Welcome to the custom packaging glossary. If you’re ever finding yourself lost or confused when trying to find that perfect packaging tool for your product know we’re here to help!

Auto-Bottom Box | The interlocking panels at the bottom of the box that are crossed and connect with each other.

Cardboard  | A cardboard box is made from a thick paper stock. These are typically found on shelves containing consumer products. Can also be referred to as paperboard.

Corrugated | Made up of three layers: the two outer layers and the fluting inside of it. An example of a corrugated box would be the box your Amazon order is shipped in.

Carton | Paperboard box used primarily for products on shelves. Often times they’ll contain a chipboard stock.

Cherry Locks | Cherry locks is a term used for tuck-and-fold boxes. The parts of the box folded and tucked are the cherry lock.

Flute | Term used to refer to the reinforcement of a corrugated box.

GCMI | A color language (like Pantone) created for how colors are displayed on white or natural crafted corrugated materials.

Kemi | A white corrugated sheet with a special finish that gives it a better shine. While a bit more expensive, Kemi can be printed on directly for the shine. Acts as an alternative to litho-wrap.

A Flute | Strongest form of flute available.

B Flute | The second highest arch size at about 49 flutes per foot. Often used for canned goods and retail packaging, amongst other things.

C Flute | At 41 flutes per foot, C Flute is the most common type, used as your standard mailer packaging solution.

E Flute | Like C Flute, E Flute is also very common. At 90 flutes per foot, E Flute is a reliable eco-friendly option.

F Flute | Also eco friendly, F Flute is the smallest fluting option available. Used for printed corrugated packaging projects, POP displays, and more.

Single Wall  | Boxes that use a single layer of fluting. Uses primarily for ecommerce shipping.

Double Wall  | Boxes that use two layers of fluting. A much sturdier box over single wall making them typical for shipping heavy items or long-term storage.

Tri Wall  | Boxes that use three layers of fluting. Tri-wall boxes are a great choice when shipping heavy and/or large equipment or fragile products.


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