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Packaging Trends for 2019 | Custom Packaging

Stay on top of some of the top packaging trends for 2019.

If you can believe it, 2019 is right around the corner. The packaging industry continues to gain steam as the internet grows and e-commerce businesses, amongst others, find new ways to package and send out their products.

If you’re one of those people, you’re in the right spot. Below are some packaging trends to keep an eye on for 2019.


With packaging trends you can almost expect to see the word minimalism associated somewhere on the page. Apple has thrived on the minimalistic approach to their packaging (and entire product line) to the extent that people get paid to unbox their products.

Putting this into effect doesn’t mean you start sending your boxes out in a plain white mailer. It’s solely about ditching the clutter and getting your message across effectively.

Sticking out with creativity

So how are you supposed to be creative with a minimalist approach? The question is much easier than you might believe but executing may be the road many fear going down.

The first thing you need to nail down is messaging. What information are you trying to pass along? Are you trying to sell more product once your packaging gets in the hands of the end user? Or are you just trying to pass along a sense of appreciation to the consumer? Remember–less is more. Don’t overwhelm anyone with irrelevant copy.

Next is the design. This plays a large role in branding; do you need to update your colors and/or logo before you begin marketing with corrugate packaging? Some designs whether it be your logo or overall branding can overwhelm and confuse the end user. Being creative with as little as possible will create more satisfaction and, hopefully, your consumers can’t resist sharing what they just received on their Instagram account.

More recyclable options

Did you know that corrugated packaging is renewable-sourced and 93 percent is recovered and recycled to make new boxes? Well if you didn’t, now you do.

We’re all aware of the initiatives companies are taking to reduce the waste throughout the world in order to create a cleaner planet. The biggest push this past year has been the reduction and even elimination of plastic straws with 8 high-profile companies jumping on board to help eliminate plastic waste.

While plastics straws don’t directly correlate with corrugate packaging, it’s forced people to look at other types of products and how they affect the world. And when it comes to corrugate, the responsibility falls on the end user to recycle properly.

E-Commerce sales will continue to increase

What you won’t come across in 2019 is the collapse of the internet and e-commerce shopping. As of 2017, e-commerce is responsible for 10% of retail sales and expected to grow to nearly 15% by 2020.

Corrugate packaging isn’t just one way for e-commerce stores to ship their products, it’s one of the largest; by 2023 the corrugate packaging market forecast is set to increase from $315 billion to $380 billion. Are you using this medium for your e-commerce business?

Don’t be overwhelmed if you’re new to the industry or don’t understand some of the packaging trends listed above. We’re here to help!