Clutter is out, simplicity is in | Custom Packaging

In a world revolved around showing off with mediums like Facebook and Instagram, your packaging design is more important than ever.

If you’ve looked at your packaging lately and thought that it’s too busy, you’re probably right. And that means your customers are probably thinking the same thing. Now is the time to toss out the old look for something new.

Many brands have gone in a new direction as of late with the design of their packaging. For instance, Miller Lite spent a summer celebrating the good ‘ol times when they brought back their simpler looking white can. Fans of the brew pleaded for the Milwaukee-based company to ditch the blue can for the all-white and simpler throwback look. And they stuck with it.

Apple has always used the “less is more” approach with their packaging and, honestly, every product they make. Let’s take a look at their phones, for example. Their all-white packaging, accompanied with their famous Apple logo and product name, continuously makes them a favorite for unboxing videos on YouTube.

A third company that does a great job keeping things simple is the Dollar Shave Club. Their E-Commerce mailers don’t overwhelm customers with designs and colors but instead just showcase their logo on the outside of the box with some creative messaging inside.

The next time you evaluate your packaging design options, think simple. Don’t over complicate the process by choosing and elaborate design that will dis-interest a consumer from wanting the product inside because of a disconnect through the packaging.

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