Your Office Supplies Continue to be the Lifeline of the Office

Technology keeps growing but it’s your office supplies that continue to run the day-to-day operations of the modern day office.


Growing up in elementary school the start of a new year meant shopping for new supplies. Pencils, erasers and notebooks were always a few of the first things on the list. After all you couldn’t get any work done without them. Then it was folders and binders, key components to keeping all your schoolwork organized and in one place.

Throughout the school year, however, you started to get lazy. Shoving your homework in your desk or in your schoolbag, not coming across it again until the day it’s due only to remember that you still haven’t finished it. You chose to get complacent and lax with your homework and now your parents are upset. If only you’d kept it all organized, in one place.

Unless you taught yourself key organizational skills once you hit high school or college you’re still doing the same thing. Can you remember where you put that last report you printed off? Is it stored somewhere you can reach it at a seconds notice or is in the middle of that pile of papers on the corner of your desk?

Truth of the matter is we all need an efficient way to organize our office offline. The “paperless office” still ceases to exist even with the influx of technology over the last decade; Wired found some great statistics when it comes to paper use with the most persuasive being that each day one billion photocopies are being made. That’s an incredible amount.

So where are you keeping all those papers at? In a survey done by OfficeMax in 2001 (2) 77% of people said their less productive at work because of the clutter on their desk. In that same study 71% of people feel accomplished in a clean and organized workspace, leaving you room to continue attacking your work day with no additional stress.

If you’re one of those people, don’t worry. It’s never too late to make a change for the better but that doesn’t mean you should wait either.