An Invitation to the Technology Age

At 43 years old, I realized I was stuck in my ways and therefore so was my company. It’s embarrassing, but I was resisting change while at the same time insisting that my company change for the better.  Looking back it seems foolish now. I’d believed the way to grow revenue was using salespeople, cold calling, relationships, and banging your head against the wall. Refusing to admit a healthy web presence and online marketing agenda would be the key, I realized The Dimensional group needed a change.

That brings us to our new website, our new broad range of social media presences, and an invitation to the technology age – albeit a little late. We’re a great company. We’re a dynamic, creative, and fast organization. Our culture is simply to create value by being efficient yet at the same time giving our clients the best product in our industry. With that being said we’re truly different than the other companies in our space, and now we get to show you. is our re-introduction into our industry. After 25 years in business you wouldn’t think that’d be necessary, but here we are. The irony is we’re industry leaders in our use of technology for our internal operations. Every part of our business is measured and reported on with in-house built software. It aides in our speed and ability to retrieve information for you (ship dates) and us (profitability). Now, we are excited to fully engage technology to reach out to our customers both current and future to show them how we can help make their organization better.

How The Dimensional Group makes and delivers your print and packaging needs is industry leading.  How we communicate that to our customers is different. I understand that now. The way to show you that is in cyberspace, or the cloud, or on Facebook, really anywhere on the internet. We’re all happy to better serve you in a way we never had. Stay tuned.

– Adam Gold, President