Introducing the AHC-450

We recently acquired a new machine, the AHC-450. Here’s how it’ll help us, help you.

Like any company, a goal at The Dimensional Group is become bigger, faster, and stronger while maintaining the customer service qualities that have helped us grow to where we are now. Acquiring the AHC-450 will help do just that.

What is the AHC-450? It’s speed, and accuracy, and quality — all in one machine. Our new case maker runs at over 1,300 units per hour, with rejection rates below 1%. What does that mean to you? Better pricing and delivery times all while maintaining the high level of quality you have come to expect from us. You can see the machine in action below.

Binders aren’t the only product the AHC-450 manufactures. It specializes in products such as hard book covers, notebook covers, turned edge cases, desktop or hanging calendars, file folders, etc…

We’re excited to add such a great machine to our production facility. Have any questions? Let us know!