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Industry fits for different 3-ring binders | Custom Binders

Ordering your new custom binders can be a daunting task. Knowing industry fits for each kind of 3-ring binder is a great first step in the process.

As you go through life, often you’re tasked with having to purchase a product you’re not familiar with. Whether your boss wants you to find professional-looking binders for a new client or you finally get kicked off your parents health insurance, you might be confused with where to start.

We won’t help you pick out health insurance. That’s not what we do. We will, however, help you pick out the perfect 3-ring binder.

First-things-first, let’s go over all the different types:

That’s a lot of different binders. In all honesty, there are more but these are the most common. Note: if you have a binder in mind but don’t see it listed above it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Assuredly, we can.

Industry Fits

Realistically, any of our 3-ring binders can be used in any industry. But we wouldn’t recommend it. For example, turned-edge binders are seen throughout multiple industries such as healthcare, hospitality and in the school systems. Where you won’t find them is in a manufacturing plant or on the construction site. What you will find is a poly binder as they’re more durable and ready to take any abuse those industries may face.

So what kind of binder should you go with based on your industry? We segmented each binder type below and aligned it with your industry.

3-ring binder fits per industry


Don’t see your industry? No need to fret. We have a team of sales reps that can help! Reach out to us by emailing or give us a call at (641) 423-8931.