How much do custom 3-ring binders cost?

We’ve heard it before: how much do 3-ring binders cost? We made this guide to pricing so you never have to worry about sticker shock.

So how much does it cost?

The above question is used in every facet of life. Personal and business. The price of a product or service is typically the deciding factor behind any purchase and that isn’t changing any time soon.

In the manufacturing world of custom 3-ring binders, price can never be answered on the spot. It’s just like designing a new house from the ground up: you’re going to be spending more if you add the 4th bedroom and a deck in the backyard. First comes the question of “how big do you want the 4th room” and next comes “what kind of wood do you want to use for your deck”. Whatever you answer will ultimately affect how more much you spend.

The same goes with 3-ring binders. You can order a simple turned edge binder with 1″ round rings or instead buy a poly binder that has 3″ angle-d rings. Regardless, the product you’re looking for is completely custom and requires a custom quote.

Factors that affect the price of 3-ring binders

First and foremost, the customer decides what kind of binder they want. Types range from turned edge and eco-friendly to vinyl and poly plastic with plenty of options in between. Each and every type has its own impact on the final price tag. Why? Material needed and how the product is manufactured are two very important aspects to consider.

Next is the size. What the customer needs to determine is how much paper needs to be able to fit into each binder. Typically, the two most common types of rings are 0-rings – or round rings – which range from a half inch to three inches in size, and d-rings, ranging from one-to-four inches. A three-inch round ring binder can hold approximately 450 sheets of paper while a four-inch d-ring binder can hold up to 780.

Now, paper may not be the only thing companies put in binders. Tabs and additional items take up room, too. If you truly want to measure the amount of materials that can fit inside a binder, take the size of the ring and deduct half-an-inch. The number you come up with gives you an estimate of the thickness of materials allowed inside a 3-ring binder. Anything much more than that and you not only put stress on the ring mechanism itself but the materials inside the binde

TekTone Custom Binders

TekTone Custom Binders


While the type and ring size of the binder have a large impact on the cost, quantity may be the largest factor. In the house example, it’s better to add that 4th bedroom now because you know you’re going to need it in the future. Same goes with binders; buying in bulk saves money now and prevents the customer from having to focus on it down the road.

A couple more things to think about are the graphics and add-on’s such as pockets or special sizing. Design can be done in house but can also be handled by the customer, utilizing our templates we have available.

Types of 3-ring binders available

You usually wouldn’t believe it but the number of different types of binders We here at The Dimensional Group are able to produce different options from what you’re used to coming across in one of the big box stores. There you see your average three-ring binder with a couple different ring sizes with not much – if any – flair to them.

In reality there are few limitations to the possibilities. Some of the more popular custom binders you’ll come across include turned edge, vinyl and plastic. The type of binder you can design and we can manufacture has very few limits. If you can think of it, we can make it! For inspiration, check out some of our customer binders we have manufactured recently:

So how does the type of binder you choose affect the final price tag? For that you need an example of a specific order. After all, everything done is custom. From the binders size and type to the ring type, every order fits the exact needs and specifications of the customer.

For our example Company XYZ is ordering 250 8.5 X 5.5 full color turned-edge binders with a 1″ ring metal. With graphics provided by Company XYZ, the final price tag on this order would approximately run $3.00 each.

As always these numbers have the possibility to change. Numerous scenarios come up throughout conversation that influence the price of 3-ring binders such as the type of ring, whether or not the consumer wants concealed rivets, and much more. You can visit the contact us page for a specific quote related to your needs.