Velocity Board | Getting your products to you faster than ever

The Velocity Board: Why We’re Faster

How fast can we have it? We want to order online and have it delivered by a drone that afternoon. That is our shopping utopia.  And quite frankly companies like Amazon are moving towards making that a reality. The reason speed of delivery like that is even possible? They are selling pre-packaged, stock product. It doesn’t have your name on it, or your brand, and if – big if – they have the color available, it’s yours. Simply put, they don’t have the capabilities that The Dimensional Group has.

What you’re looking for is custom product, something that promotes you, your company, or your clients. It is vital to growing a business’ brand. Custom imprinted products – packaging, for example – aren’t sitting on a shelf waiting for you to order.  How does speed of delivery become effected when you want your logo printed on your item? In our world that can add days or even weeks to delivery times. And just like you we wanted it done faster. Much, much faster. And that’s when we decided to be different.

We didn’t want custom and fast to be mutually exclusive. We did away with spreadsheets and long production scheduling meetings, and multiple departments and managers. We focused on being nimble and developing a SIMPLE system to expedite the process. That’s how our velocity board was born. Our goal is simple: go from creating your product in weeks to just 10 days all while never being late on a committed ship date. And in 30 months since its inception, we have missed just two ship dates.

The velocity board is about making sure our customers know when they will get their product. No more guessing.  No more approximations.

Rest easy. And maybe, just maybe, the drones will come. But until then we here at The Dimensional Group will continue striving to get your new, custom product to your doorstep quicker than ever.

A special thank you to Dr. Lisa Lang for the model of the velocity board. You can visit her website at