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Custom Packaging | Make Your First Touchpoint Count

When it comes to shopping there are two types of people: those that love to shop and those that loathe it. Those that love shopping often do it for the thrill of buying an item they’ve wanted for a long time. And those that loathe it do it only when they have to such as buying groceries or a new pair of pants. No matter which side of the spectrum a consumer finds themselves on, they’ll always be exposed to your custom packaging.

One thing in common for both demographics, however, is that the shopping experience is just that: an experience. Businesses with products on the shelves have an opportunity to make that experience more enjoyable for the lovers and the loathers, the kids and the adults, and everyone in between.

Someone may ask “how do I make the shopping experience better”? After all, a customer is buying the product because of what it can do, right? Technically that’s correct. We buy shampoo to wash our hair and laundry detergent to wash our clothes. But what many people forget about, and maybe don’t even realize, is the first touchpoint from business to consumer. We’re not talking about the start of the buying process, which is when the customer realizes a need, but the first time the customer physically see’s the tangible product.

So what catches the eye of the customer? It’s the packaging. It’s the design of the box. It’s the colors of the brand.

The packaging of a companies product is so much more than just getting it from the shelf to home. It conveys a number of things from showcasing the style of a brand all the way to telling the consumer how to use it, what’s in it, etc…

Dimensional Group Custom Packaging Sample Kit

Dimensional Group Custom Packaging Sample Kit

All it takes is a simple YouTube search of an iPhone unboxing to realize how much packaging means to the consumer; Apple, known for their minimalist design, conveys that same message in their packaging.

iJustine, a famous YouTube influencer known for her unboxing, always does a great job going into great detail with packaging. Here she does an unboxing from the very first iPhone. Even back in 2007 Apple did a phenomenal job showcasing how much care they took when designing their packaging.

In this video she unboxes a brand new OnePlus 6. You can see from the start how much thought and consideration came from OnePlus in their packaging from the start. They even put small cushions inside the case that contained a case.

That’s attention to detail at its finest.

Now, tech companies aren’t the only ones out there thriving in the world of packaging. Truthfully you can find a company in each and every industry that continues to utilize packaging as a selling point. Nikita Konkin, a designer from Moscow, came up with a packaging idea of using contents inside the packaging that resembled hair, perfectly matching the image on the outside of the box.

The type of packaging you choose for your product could have both a short and long-term impact on your company. A few questions to ask yourself before making your final decision:

  • Will this be attractive to my desired demographic?
  • Is this packaging recognizable to those loyal to my brand?
  • How am I differentiating my product’s packaging from the competitors?
  • Is their too much packaging; will the consumer be annoyed?

We want to see our customers succeed in the marketplace. Make those shoppers love to shop for your product. Our goal is to set you up with the right packaging whether it be a brand new product launch, a monthly subscription box, or something for the shelf.

So when you’re ready to take the next step with your custom packaging, we’ll be here.