Iowa companies come together to provide face shield kits to medical professionals

Iowa companies come together to provide face shield kits to medical professionals

MASON CITY, IA — The Dimensional Group, in conjunction with Angstrom Precision Molding, Inc. and help from CIRAS of Iowa State University, soon will begin manufacturing a new face shield and halo component that will be available to doctors and nurses. Production on the face shields are expected to begin Wednesday, April 8 while shipments to hospitals and facilities will begin Friday, April 10.

As COVID-19 cases grow in the State of Iowa and across the United States, all three parties had a common goal of creating not only a solution that fulfills the need but to do it as quickly as possible.

“Our goal with this project was to bring a quality PPE product to the market as quickly as possible to aid our front line health workers. We felt it was important to partner with Angstrom – another strong Iowa company – to keep the costs as low as possible and maintain as much supply as we could. In the end what we have is a complete face shield for $1.25 that can be mass manufactured at upwards of 50-60,000 a week.” – Adam Gold, The Dimensional Group

The partnership between The Dimensional Group and Angstrom Precision Molding, Inc., two Iowa manufacturers, was created last week following encouragement from Iowa State University’s Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS). As Governor Kim Reynolds expressed the need for over 500,000+ face shields for the State of Iowa, both companies went to work on creating a prototype that would satisfy the needs of doctors, nurses, and medical professionals. Our anticipated weekly capacity will begin at 50,000 units and eventually grow to 100,000 units.

Angstrom Precision Molding is committed to bringing this project on line as soon as possible to help minimize the current shortage that endangers our health professionals. We have partnered with the correct businesses to make this happen.” – Jim Johnson, Angstrom Precision Molding, Inc.

The goal of each unit was to provide a solution for doctors and nurses to have the ability to quickly remove the shield from the halo while they move from room-to-room seeing patients. Each halo has four notches on the front while the shield has four holes, into which the notch will fit snugly. This allows for both quick assembly and removal of the shield.

Pre-orders for face shield kits begin today. To help ease the short-term financial commitment, all customers will be given an open line of credit. A kit will include 500 shields, 500 halos, and 500 bands. Assembly takes less than 10 seconds and can be done on site. Each mask is being offered at a price of $1.25 each – or $625 delivered for a kit of 500.

For more information on face shield kits including pictures, how to assemble, and an order form you may visit us at www.dimensionalgroup.com/covid-19-face-shield-kits/. You may also reach out to us by phone at (641) 423-8931 or place orders by email at faceshields@dimensionalgroup.com.


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Angstrom Precision Molding, located in Ottumwa, Iowa, manufactures custom and proprietary injection molded plastic parts for the agricultural, filtration, medical, athletic and other domestic industries. Founded in 2015, they are an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company.

Iowa State University’s Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) was created in 1963 as an outreach program to improve the quality of life in Iowa by helping businesses and their communities prosper and grow. Over the past five years, CIRAS and its partners have helped more than 4,100 businesses in every Iowa county, creating an economic impact of more than $2.5 billion. For coronavirus-related information, including best practices for protecting your business and addressing supply chain disruptions, visit www.ciras.iastate.us/covid-19/.



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