3 reasons why you need 3-ring binders in 2020

Even in today’s tech world, you still need 3-ring binders handy. We’re here to tell you why.

 3-ring binders have been around for years. By years we mean over 120. The man behind the invention was Friedrich Soennecken, an entrepreneur and inventor from Germany. Born in 1848, Soennecken founded his own office supply company called Soennecken.

Fast forward to today, it’s a much different world now than it was in the late 1800’s. While we don’t have flying cars – YET – technology continues to advance. What’s the same however is the need for 3-ring binders in your everyday environment, whether that be at work or at home.

We’re not talking solely  at your desk, the versatility of binders expands to the elements outside to the production floor. No screens to be broken or signals to be lost.

Versatility is just one component that goes into the importance and need for 3-ring binders.

1. Organization

Call it old-school, call it new-school; we just call it smart. A piece of paper will forever be crucial to a business, as will having to organize said piece of paper. That’s where the need for 3-ring binders come into play.

Paper isn’t the only item you organize inside a binder. Checks, business cards, certificates and more are all popular choices. Just make sure to include tabs in each binder for maximum efficiency.

2. Technology isn’t perfect

But we don’t have to tell you that.

Have you recently lost your wi-fi signal? Probably. Did you recently have a computer crash? Possibly. Or, worst of all have you ever had your files compromised for ransom? Any files you had saved on your computer or whichever smart device you chose to work on are no longer accessible.

As a business, you can’t afford any hiccups in the daily routine you’ve established. When technology goes down, there needs to be a backup readily available. Without it companies could face the possibility of losing both time and customers all because a contingency plan wasn’t in place.

3. Presentation

The need for 3-ring binders changes from company to company and industry to industry. Even digital marketing firms who do most of their daily work on computers need 3-ring binders handy for multiple reasons. From organizing campaign details in a safe, secure place, to presenting an idea to potential clients; a professional turned edge or litho wrapped binder can raise some eyebrows in any setting.

Your own personal customization can set you apart from the competition. Align the look of your binders to the brand of your company or a clients’ depending on what the project is for. Get creative with sizes, looks, and feels. Step outside the box to increase the presence of your brand and take advantage of the organizational benefits they provide.