Dimensional Group – Tuned Into Your Needs

Dimensional Group – Tuned Into Your Needs 2016-12-13T20:47:12+00:00

The Dimensional Group has over 100 years of manufacturing expertise in a variety of industries.  We have served insurance companies, casinos, hotels, and promotional distributors with high impact and high quality products.  Not only that, The Dimensional Group’s attention to detail is second to none.  With dedicated customer service representatives we take a personal interest in your customer and your product.

The Dimensional Group’s strength is not only our people, but also our capabilities.  We specialize in short product runs, but also can accommodate large orders.  The Dimensional Group’s graphic artists can create a product just for you and your business.  We understand your needs as a entrepreneur and business.  You want your product and brand to stand out from your competition, and have a history of making that happen.

The Dimensional group can provide a simple one color binder, so a complex 4 color recyclable binder to impress your clients.  We don’t stop there; we understand your needs as a client.  You don’t only need the binder, but also the printed materials or packaging to go with your project.  We can do that too!

The Dimensional Group’s capabilities include die cutting, printing on packaging materials, commercial mailings, we can handle all your project needs start to finish.  We know that you have the great idea, we have the great people and capabilities to handle your idea.

After all…we are tuned into your needs.